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We are an organization with a determination to steer the young minds to explore their potentials

Whooshh is a student development organisation through which we aim to emphasize on the importance of overall development of students across the urban and semi-rural areas by conducting workshops that focus on activity-based learning. We hope to guide these students by enabling them to build their dreams into actions. in the course of conducting these workshops we also intend to transform the prevalent education system from rote learning to concept-comprehension. Our ultimate vision is to unlock the true potential of a student by pushing him/her beyond what's expected of them. Hence, our tagline is synonymous to it i.e 'Tapping the potential.’ 

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For the talent that surprises.

The creative mind that inspire,

And all the ideas full of passion that await to be explored.

With a bigger platform to perform,

and hopes of tapping into greater potential,

we present, The Hyderabad Inter-School Competition 2.0

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