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Whooshh has organised it's second biggest event in Gajwel .

GISC - Gajwel Inter School competition is one of the biggest, first-ever inter school competition held in Gajwel . Gajwel never witnessed any such competitions before GISC. GISC was exclusively organised by Whooshh.


GISC treasures the talent and potential of the students and gives them the wings to fly towards their Goals by exposing them through various workshops and competitions to identify their true potential and strength.


A dream doesn't become reality through magic ,

It takes sweat , determination and hardwork.


GISC enhances the skills and capabilities of a student of various schools in Gajwel by conducting effective workshops and competitions. Workshops are a great way for students to learn , gain experience and to acquire the knowledge and new skills.

Competitions results in motivation, innovation and creativity. It makes students more inquisitive and adroit.


500 students from 7 different schools have participated in GISC.

List of the schools participated :

1.GDR High school

2.Sai GDR High school

3.Deccan public school

4.St Marys pragnapur CBSE

5.St Marys pragnapur SSR

6.Vishwashanti Vidyaniketan

7.Mahati high school.


Various cultural and literary events were conducted.

Cultural events:                  Literary events:

1. Dance                             1. Quiz

2. Singing                           2. Public speaking

3. Best out of waste         3. Ad-making

4. Rubik's cube.                 4. Essay writing

5. Art                                   5. Spell Wiz

6. Fashion show                 6. Mathletics

Literary events play an important role in building critical thinking skills whereas Cultural events are helpful to prepare students for real life and strengthen their personal skills.


GISC was conducted in two phases 

Phase 1 :

One day workshop was conducted in each school to enhance new skills and to encourage the students for active participation. Next day various literary and cultural events were conducted. It is a intra- school competition where best from each school were selected for next round.

Phase 2:

It is an inter-school competition where the selected best candidates from one  school competes with the another School. It was a competition among the best for best. Final winners for various cultural and literary events were selected by two judges.


GISC created a huge impact on the lives of students by initiating various competitions and workshops in many schools of Gajwel to build the leaders of tomorrow.

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